Address: 211220,
Vitebsk Region, Liozno,
Str. Lenina, 79/2


Phone/fax: 8 (02138) 4-15-59

Лиозно. Ж/д станция Мемориальный комплекс "Танк" Лиозно. Центральная площадь Лиозно Лиозно. Районный центр культуры
Лиозно. Ж/д станция
Main Economy Production sector

Production sector

The public joint-stock company Liozno Linen Mill (OAO Liozno Linen Mill)

Director: Grigory Medvedev

Phone: +375(2138) 5 16 81, 5 16 80

Fax: +375 (2138) 5 16 81

Address: 13 Kirova Street, Liozno, Vitebsk Oblast, 211220


Initial flax processing and the production of long and short flax fiber represent the core business of the company. The company’s MTA-1 line can process 3,400 tonnes of retted straw per annum and make 855 tonnes of flax fiber. The share of long flax fiber stands at 13%. The products are sold domestically. Since 1998 Liozno Linen Mill has grown linen flax on its own on an area of about 1,150ha. The sufficient physical infrastructure is available for it.

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