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28 July 2011

Scientific projects should bring fast and good yield

VITEBSK, 28 July (BelTA) – Scientific ideas and projects should generate fast and maximum yield, BelTA learnt from Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus Igor Voitov who met with local residents at the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee. Among the attendees were inventors and entrepreneurs assimilating new technologies. According to Igor Voitov, this meeting was useful not only for him, but also for local authorities who were in attendance. “The visitors asked interesting questions about the development of small-scale power generation, oil recovery, and manufacture of innovative products. These suggestions should be carefully studied with the help of specialists,” he said. However, one should clearly understand that each suggestion should be evaluated from the economic perspective. “New projects should generate maximum yield. There are many ideas now, but each requires a clear-cut answer: how can we capitalize on it?” he asked. At present we are considering the requirement for new scientific projects to have a high added value and a payback period of under five years. In such cases, these projects can expect financial assistance of the State Committee for Science and Technology and other agencies.

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