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25 November 2011

Belarus to adopt social security program

MINSK, 25 November (BelTA) – Belarus will adopt a social security program, Vice Premier of Belarus Anatoly Kalinin told reporters as he met with employees of Stroitrest No. 7 on 24 November, BelTA has learnt. The program will be adopted by a resolution of the government. It is aimed to support pensioners, students, children, low-income households, people will disabilities and other groups of population. The program envisages efforts to help people “make more money”, Anatoly Kalinin said. “We find ways to support people and help them provide for themselves,” Anatoly Kalinin emphasized. The major mission of the government is to provide people with jobs, give them an opportunity to make money. This might require certain changes in the legislation. A person should have an opportunity to have a second job if he wants so. To this end, we need to legalize secondary employment. “We are considering it, we will discuss ways to do it, we need to encourage people,” Anatoly Kalinin said. The action plan on social security and price formation on the consumer market includes 41 measures, Anatoly Kalinin informed. The most important ones include an increase in the first class tariff rate and a minimum wage. The price rise for staple foods and other basic products will be curbed. The prices for them will be regulated. “We see what is happening now: when products hit the store shelves they get two times more expensive. The big question is: who should make money – a producer or an intermediary?” the Vice Premier asked. In his words, “this remains a matter of concern in Belarus, therefore, the prices for some foods and manufactured goods should be regulated”. This will pertain to basic goods, first of all. Besides, the government will support people who are in housing construction projects. If there is only one earner in the family, and the second one is on a maternity leave, the family will get a deferral of payment for the housing loan until the spouse gets back to work. This is aimed to support Belarusians in these difficult times.