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10 July 2020

Orsha Linen Mill invests over Br3m in garment factory modernization

Orsha Linen Mill has invested over Br3 million in proprietary funds in the modernization of its garment factory, BelTA learned from the company’s Deputy Director General for Ideology and Social Affairs Sergei Sidin.

In his words, the company worked towards setting up a garment manufacturing division of its own for a long time. The commissioning of a garment factory on 31 August 2011 was the first step. Its products were marketed using the brand Belarusian Flax. Since then the company has been paying close attention to home textile products and apparel. In 2018 the company’s trademark Vilini won a contest of Belarusian trademarks. These products are made via tight manufacturing cooperation with Belarusian companies and foreign partners. Orsha Linen Mill specialists come up with process sequence charts and models. Products are sewn and sold via the company’s proprietary retail chain and retail chains of other manufacturers.

The company started modernizing the garment factory in late 2019. Its main goal was to increase the output and the product choice. Over Br3 million in proprietary funds was spent on it. Apart from upgrading the garment manufacturing division Orsha Linen Mill set up an additional facility occupying over 1,000m2 where 60 jobs will be created. All the construction and installation work has been finished there. New process equipment has been installed. Shortcomings revealed during a trial run are being fixed. The facility will be commissioned soon. Two process lines will be operational. One will be used to make trousers for men and women out of flax and fabric of the jeans variety. The jeans-like fabric will be made out of short flax fiber. The other process line will produce shirts and blouses. The facility’s output will be close to 14,000 units per month.

Orsha Linen Mill’s garment factory operates several process lines and employs about 200 people at present. Its designed output capacity is close to 3 million piece goods per annum. The new facility will add 200,000 units to it. The project will also enable the garment factory to start making new products with improved consumer qualities.

It is the third official stage of modernization for Orsha Linen Mill. “We’ve actually completed four modernization stages to upgrade the main production wing since 2009. About $200 million has been invested. Thanks to that the company has been able to preserve and expand its markets in addition to penetrating new ones against very tough competition with Chinese manufacturers. At present we sell products to 43 countries across the globe,” Sergei Sidin noted.

Speaking about performance in H1 2020, the official added that the company worked smoothly, all the performance targets were hit. Just like other manufacturers due to the pandemic the company is experiencing difficulties with export, which accounts for 80% of the total sales. “At the same time we control the main markets. Once the borders are reopened, our products will find their customers,” the official concluded.


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